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3 Reasons To Use A Humidifier During Flu Season

When it comes to flu season, one of your biggest allies is a humidifier in your home. While you are always at risk for the flu outside the home, the humidifier can help you indoors. Here are three ways that a humidifier can help protect you through flu season.

1. Humidity Kills Flu Germs

The worst type of flu particles are the small ones that hang in the air and do not fall to the ground. However, a humidifier is effective in killing off nearly 85% of these particles. These germs thrive in dry places, and your heating system will generally make your residence drier. The humidifier will help moisten the air and make it harder for these germs to thrive. You will want to bring the relative humidity in your home up to 40 to 60% in order to make it hard for the flu germs to survive.

2. A Humidifier Helps You Breathe

When the air in your home is dry, you will have difficulty breathing because your nose works best when there is some moisture inside of it. If you are feeling congested, a humidifier will help relieve your problem by making it easier to breathe. Humidifiers will help you recover faster when you are under the weather and may help stop some sicknesses from developing into the flu.

3. You Sleep Better

You will have more difficulty sleeping when it is dry inside your home because a dry room can cause difficulty breathing. By making it easier for you to breathe, you will get a better night’s sleep. You are more vulnerable to the flu when you are not getting the proper rest at night. Your body is at its peak health with better sleep, and your immune system is able to ward off illnesses. Hydrating your nasal and breathing passages makes for a more conducive sleep environment.

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