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Pre-Season Preparation

Pre-season Preparation

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Seasonal checkups are a must for maintaining system performance and efficiency. Each checkup is a thorough review of your heating and/or cooling system that includes the following:

Heating check-up only:
* Carbon monoxide testing
* Adjust & clean pilot
* Check for rust on burners & clean
* Check belts, tighten if needed
* Check heat strip operation & clean if necessary

AC check-up only:
* Clean condenser & check evaporator
* Check for adequate air flow through coil, separate fins
* Check refrigerant charge
* Upgrade outside insulation if needed
* Clear condensate line

Both check-ups:
* Oil blower motor
* Seal penetrations in plenum or coil box if needed
* Check thermostat for proper operation
* Check electrical connections; tighten if necessary
* Lubricate all moving parts
* Provide written report of overall condition

Full System Service includes all of the above

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