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Why Is Indoor Air Quality Important?

Indoor air quality in buildings is often overlooked. Air pollution, in the form of particulates or harmful vapors called volatile organic compounds, can build up inside over time. This problem is more pronounced in the winter months when windows and doors tend to stay closed for longer periods of time. Polluted air can cause a wide variety of respiratory problems and spread disease if not properly taken care of. Taking a few steps can improve indoor air quality in your home.

Open Windows and Doors

Whenever possible, open some windows and doors in your home. Even a small amount of fresh air can flush out particulates and bring fresh air in.

Get Your Ductwork Cleaned

Dirty ducts can hold on to dirt and decrease the cleanliness of the air in your home. Dirty ducts can also promote the growth of bacteria, and this bacteria can then be released into your home. Regular cleanings by an HVAC professional can ensure that your entire duct system is free of dirt and grime. This can improve air flow throughout your house.

Keeping Your HVAC System Clean

Totally Cool AC offers HVAC maintenance services in Austin, TX, that will keep the air you breathe in your home clean. When we perform maintenance on your heating or cooling system, we’ll make sure that the air filters are clean. Dirty air filters can lower the efficiency of your system and not work as effectively. We’re happy to offer advice on ways that you could improve the air quality in your home.

Our Trusted HVAC Company

Totally Cool AC is committed to offering comprehensive HVAC services throughout Austin. We can help with heating and cooling installation, repairs, pre-season maintenance, preventative maintenance, and weatherization. We have Spanish-speaking team members and keep the best interests of our customers in mind. We’re certified by the BBB, and our NATE-certified technicians are highly experienced.

To learn more about the various services we offer in Austin, give Totally Cool AC a call today.

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